Clinical Trainees

Simona Efanov

Simona Efanov, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Director of Clinical Training


Supervisor: Zoeann Finzi-Adams, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Assistant-Director of Clinical Training - DC


Supervisor: Anjelica Jackson Todd, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Assistant-Director of Clinical Training - MD

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    CCCC is dedicated to up & coming clinicians and our clinical training program has existed for 15 years, consisting of clinical Externs and, as of 2020, clinical Interns/Residents as well. 


     Our Extern students are master's level clinicians who are currently enrolled in doctoral programs in the field of clinical psychology from universities, colleges and schools across the Unites States. Our Intern Residents are Doctoral candidates for Degrees in Clinical Counseling. 


     Our Externs participate in the Low-Fee Therapy Options that are offered by our practice. You may learn more about these options by clicking the link above.


     Our Trainees for the Current Academic year will be listed here.

   Caring, Committed Counseling in Your Community

   Services for Individuals, Couples, Children &; Families

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