Jenna Watson, LICSW

     Jenna Watson is a licensed clinical social worker and therapist with ten years of experience in treating anxiety, trauma, and stressor-related disorders. She holds masters degrees from Emerson College, Harvard University, as well as her Master’s in Social Work from Catholic University. Her primary clinical interests include Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for treatment of anxiety disorders, including phobias and panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders. Jenna also has extensive background working in nonprofit, crisis response, and community mental health settings in support of survivors of abuse and interpersonal violence, including with LGBTQIA+ clients. She offers expertise in working with all forms of domestic, intimate partner, and dating violence; sexual assault and sexual trauma; stalking; harassment; bullying; and cyber-abuse.


     Jenna also works with a wide range of common presenting concerns including depression, grief and loss, low self-esteem, perfectionism, identity issues, high sensitivity, finding meaning and purpose, substance use, self-harming behaviors, guilt and shame, and adjustments and stress related to life transitions and challenges in academics, career, and relationships. She works with individual adults of all ages and older adolescents and has extensive background in working with younger adults and “quarterlifers,” including college and graduate students, recent college grads, and developing professionals.


     Jenna embraces a strengths-based, collaborative, holistic, and empowering approach in her therapeutic work. She aims to provide a safe, nonjudgmental space to support clients in reflecting upon and better understanding your thinking, emotions, behaviors, and relationships. Working creatively and eclectically, she believes we can examine potential barriers to living with greater peace, stability, meaning, and fulfillment, as well as explore and experiment with steps toward making positive life change. In particular, Jenna hopes to help clients compassionately understand the origins of “outdated” or unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, coping mechanisms, and relational patterns that are no longer serving you well, and to consider and implement more helpful, accurate, and balanced alternatives.


     Jenna’s overarching goal is to provide a supportive, secure environment and an empathic, dynamic therapeutic relationship that fosters your sense of hope, self-compassion, and acceptance to help you improve your overall well-being.


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